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Life Changing Book Studies

Book Studies are held once a week for 4 to 6 weeks in a small group format (usually 6-8 people). Sessions are 1 and ½ to 2 hours in length. Chapters of the books are read prior to each session. Questions and discussion are facilitated by Dr. Carol Beaty. Carol is a Certified Life Coach who received her training at the Academy of Coaching Excellence. She holds the ACC from the International Coaching Federation. Contact for information about upcoming Book Studies.

Mastering Life's Energies

Mastering Life's Energies Book Study
Simple Steps to a Luminous Life at Work and Play
by Maria Nemeth, PhD

Would it be alright if life got easier? Would it be alright if life were more meaningful? This book study will introduce you to concepts and tools that will enable you to live your life with more clarity, focus, ease and grace. You will learn how to see your life's dreams and goals clearly and to identify any obstacles you may be experiencing. You will learn about the six types of energy (time, money, physical vitality, relationships, creativity, enjoyment) and how to focus them on your goals and dreams. You will learn how to get the support that you need on your journey and how to cultivate grace along the way. The book is a wonderful tool to support you in aligning all parts of your life with what is most important to you.

The Energy of Money

The Energy of Money Book Study
A Spiritual Guide to Financial & Personal Fulfillment
by Maria Nemeth, PhD

Learn how to build a powerful new relationship with money and make your dreams come true by using the timeless principles presented in The Energy of Money. Learn how to blend spiritual and practical techniques to free your financial energy to achieve your life goals and financial wealth. As Dr. Nemeth says, "How you do money is how you do life," so bringing awareness to your actions helps you to wake up to new possibilities for actively harnessing the energy of money and changing your life.

The Parent As Coach Approach

The Parent As Coach Approach Book Study
The 7 Ways to Coach Your Teen in the Game of Life
by Maria Nemeth, PhD

The Parent as Coach Approach teaches parents how to convert parent-teen relationships of conflict and pain into enjoyable and harmonious partner-ships of encouragement and support. Learn the tools that bring seven specific results in your relationship with your teen or pre-teen: respect, listening skills, understanding, appreciation support, promoting responsibility, nurturing independence. Instead of teaching how to manage and control teens, this model helps parents to appreciate the unique perspective of teens and to express respect, understanding, and support for who they are right now.

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