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Carol Beaty

Carol Beaty lives a balanced life. She makes time for  work, family, friends, reflection, energizing hobbies and  adventure. Carol has a zest for life. She loves exploring  interesting places, interesting people and interesting  ideas. 

Carol is a life-long educator.  She has 30 years  experience as a teacher and school administrator.  She  currently works for the Doane College Leadership Training  Program and helps prepare graduate students for leadership positions.

Carol is authentic.  She knows what is important to her.   She lives what she believes.  She cares about people and  is a good listener.  She can see the opportunity in any  situation.  Carol has wisdom based on many life experiences.  She is resilient and has bounced back when  life has dealt surprises and challenges.

Carol is an Associate Certified Coach through International  Coach Federation. Carol's coach training is through the  Academy for Coaching Excellence. She is a member of  the International Coach Federation and Heartland Coach.  Carol is a Licensed Facilitator for Am I Hungry® Workshops.

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Complimentary introductory session available.
Location: Rockbrook Village in Omaha, Nebraska 68144
Dr. Carol Beaty email:
phone: 402-332-8215

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