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"I started seeing Carol to gain control of some things in my  life. The coaching process has been surprisingly fun and  very informative. I now know myself better and I have more  life satisfaction!" - KD

"I have definitely started to notice the unhelpful self talk that goes on in my head. Now I can do something about it!"- KD

"Life coaching makes you ask yourself, 'If I don't like  something in my life, what can I do to change it?' Carol  has helped me work through issues I used to just complain  about." - BF

"My expectations for coaching were to have an intelligent guide challenge my thinking and offer new perspectives. Carol is an intelligent, caring individual. These personal qualities have made coaching successful. I felt confident in the conversations we have had and look forward to continued growth." - TW

"Through coaching with Carol I have made a lot of progress in discerning what is important to me and how to be true to who I am in my work and home. Together we have made strategic plans in a number of areas and Carol has kept me accountable and on task. Carol is a wise woman and has been a mind saver and a wonderful resource." - SO

"I have gained skills in shifting my thinking which has helped me gain clarity in many situations. I have experienced a lifetime of monkey mind and look forward to an entire future of accountability for ease." - TW

"What I love most about life coaching is the way we look forward. I found myself spending too much time dwelling on the negative things that had happened instead of focusing my energy on moving toward reaching my goals and achieving my dreams. Life coaching has made me more aware of how I see others, and also how I let them see me! I'd recommend Carol to anyone who wants to live their lives with more clarity, focus, ease and grace (or just figure out what that means!)." - BK

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Location: Rockbrook Village in Omaha, Nebraska 68144
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