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What will Coaching look like?

 Coaching can occur in person or on the phone. Typical coaching includes a 45-60   minute session twice a month. The coaching session can be tailored to each person's   needs.

Your coach will:

  • Create a powerful partnership with you.
  • Help you gain clarity and focus about what you want and how to take action to  do it.
  • Be a person in your corner to support you throughout this coaching experience
  • Help you develop strategies and solutions that move you through obstacles  toward meaningful goals that reflect your most valued intentions
  • Create structure and certainty in the process, as well as confidentiality, safety,  and respect

You will:

  • Be authentic
  • Be a willing partner with your coach
  • Be willing to look, see, learn, and take authentic action to meet  your goals
  • Produce the results you want with the support of your coach

Contact Carol to open the door and unleash your life!

Complimentary introductory session available.
Location: Rockbrook Village in Omaha, Nebraska 68144
Dr. Carol Beaty email:
phone: 402-332-8215

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