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Why Coaching?


You are a great candidate for Life Coaching if you:

  • have dreams and goals you yearn to reach
  • want more joy in your life
  • are going through a major transition (job change, move, relationship change,  retirement, empty nest)
  • want more energy
  • are struggling and frustrated too much of the time
  • talk yourself out of things that interest you
  • have something that is holding you back
  • never seem to have enough time to do the things you want
  • have trouble getting or staying motivated
  • spend too much time analyzing and not enough time living

Contact Carol to open the door and unleash your life!

Complimentary introductory session available.
Location: Rockbrook Village in Omaha, Nebraska 68144
Dr. Carol Beaty email:
phone: 402-332-8215

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