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What is Coaching?

Life coaching is a process in which you:

  • Share your inner most dreams and visions
  • Examine your worries and doubts
  • Learn to shift your focus on what is most important to you
  • Develop goals and step by step plans to reach them
  • Receive unconditional support on your journey
Coaching is Not Therapy
  • In coaching, the focus is on the here and now and where you want to go. We will not look at how or why you got where you are.
  • In coaching, we focus on what we are here to learn and do, not our “issues”.
  • In coaching, you are viewed as whole and complete rather than broken and needing to be fixed.
  • In coaching, you are the expert and have your own answers.  Questions will be asked to help you brainstorm and access those answers.
  • In coaching, you will be invited to take steps that will lead to your goals.
  • In coaching, you will learn to shift your focus to something that will enable you to move forward.

Contact Carol to open the door and unleash your life!

Complimentary introductory session available.
Location: Rockbrook Village in Omaha, Nebraska 68144
Dr. Carol Beaty email:
phone: 402-332-8215

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