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Life Coaching with Carol can help you live your life with:


  • See clearly what makes you unique
  • Take a close look at your innermost dreams and desires
  • Become more certain about your direction
  • Recognize your self-limiting conversations and turn down the volume
  • Listen to your own voice of wisdom


  • Focus on what you love – not on your worries & doubts
  • Learn how to shift the focus of your attention
  • Learn about conscious use of energy (time, money, physical vitality,relationships, creativity, enjoyment)


  • Reduce the struggle in your life
  • Create specific, realistic goals
  • Move forward, one small, sweet step at a time
  • Get the support that you need


  • Become more grateful of everything around you
  • Feed inward harmony
  • Utilize your capacity “to be willing”
  • Make a difference in the lives of others


Contact Carol to open the door and unleash your life!

Complimentary introductory session available.
Location: Rockbrook Village in Omaha, Nebraska 68144
Dr. Carol Beaty email:
phone: 402-332-8215

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